GINSTR Christmas Sour

A great recipe idea for our GINSTR - Winter Gin reaches us from Ginvasion - thank you very much!

GINSTR Christmas Sour

50ml  GINSTR - Winter Gin
30ml   fresh lemon juice
20ml   sugar cane syrup
      1   fresh egg white
      1   tangerine
           cinnamon powder
           ice cubes

For the GINSTR Christmas Sour, muddle pieces of tangerine in a tumbler. Then add ice cubes. In a shaker, in addition to some ice, the GINSTR - Winter Gin, lemon juice and sugar cane syrup as well as the fresh egg white. Shake all ingredients vigorously and strain into the tumbler. Decorate the foam with a little cinnamon powder.


Thanks to Basti von Ginvasion for the delicious recipe!