GINSTR - Stuttgart Dry Gin is a declaration of love to Stuttgart. Everything here is Stuttgart: only 711 bottles per bottling, the Stuttgart airport code in the brand name and even the barrels have real Stuttgart names instead of numbers. The first GINSTR batch was simply called Killesberg!

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The gold medal winner at the world Sprits Awards 2018

The ingredients also come from Stuttgart and the region. Citrus fruits, juniper berries, rosemary - from our own cultivation, from local nurseries or from greenhouses in the region. All botanicals that cannot be grown in Stuttgart come from regional dealers, for the most part from the Stuttgart market hall. Even the previously thoroughly filtered Lake Constance water used for GINSTR is refined with original Cannstatt mineral water.

Fresh citrus flavors, the finest juniper, a hint of rosemary, cardamom and coriander for the necessary spice. In addition, liquorice, kaffir lime leaves, orange flowers, hibiscus flowers and pomegranate seeds for the perfect heart note. A total of 46 handpicked botanicals find their way into GINSTR - Stuttgart Dry Gin.

GINSTR is 100% handmade - in its own distillery on the parental winery of Markus Escher, one of the two founders of GINSTR. The boiler was named after Markus' grandfather "Otto", who passed on the distillery to the two young master distillers.

From the selection of ingredients to maceration and distillation to hand filling, manual numbering and attaching the cork, everything is pure manual work. GINSTR - Stuttgart Dry Gin is 100 percent self-made and bottled. This means that the creators always have full control over the highest quality. And you can taste it.

Never before has a German gin managed to win the IWSC's "Gin & Tonic Trophy" (International Wine & Spirit Company) in London. In November '18 it was time for GINSTR to be voted "World's Best Gin for Gin & Tonic" and thus also the best German Gin. The highest and most recognized award in the world in this industry and category went to Germany for the first time!

According to the international jury (consisting of 400 judges), GINSTR - Stuttgart Dry Gin is therefore the best gin in the world to make Gin & Tonic. A total of over 600 brands from 90 countries participated in this competition in London - the winner comes from Stuttgart. One can be particularly proud of the IWSC's additional Gold Award for the particularly clear test result with the addition "Outstanding".

GINSTR received its first major award in spring '18. GINSTR - Stuttgart Dry Gin had been on the market for less than a year and a half when the international jury awarded the GINSTR the gold medal at the World Spirits Award, officially awarding it one of the best gins in the world.

After the English GQ, PLAYBOY and a full-page report in BILD, even British VOGUE then dedicated its own article to the shooting star in the spirits industry.

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